Work with Kim

Want to work with me? Perfect!

  • Need help with travel planning? Confused on how to travel cheap like me? E-mail me and inform me on what you need help with. I offer travel advice, planning, and information. Let’s get you started and on the next (cheapest) flight. Don’t let travel break your bank – you can see the world for much cheaper than you expect.
  • Want me to write an article for your website, blog, etc? I’d love to. Contact me and let’s put our minds together. I’m quick to respond and ready to work.
  • Do you need someone to create a logo for you? I’d be thankful for that opportunity.
  • Want to use my photos? Want me to photograph something for you? There’s not much I love more than photographing the world and my experiences – reach out!
  • Need a brand ambassador? I’ve got experience.
  • None of the above? That’s okay too. Contact me – I’m open minded and ready to go.

Head over to my contact page and let’s begin working together. I’m just as excited as you are. Hear from you soon!