Work with Kim

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Travel planning

  • Need help with travel planning? Confused on how to travel cheap like me? E-mail me and inform me on what you need help with. I offer travel advice, planning, and information. Let’s get you started and on the next (cheapest) flight. Don’t let travel break your bank – you can see the world for much cheaper than you expect. I’m an experienced traveler – visiting over 30 countries by myself. I can help you find cheaper flights, great accomodation, and guarantee you a great time with a handful of activities, restaurants, bars, and club recommendations.

Want me to write something for you?

  • Want me to write an article for your website, blog, etc? I’d love to. Contact me and let’s put our minds together. I’m quick to respond and ready to work.

Logo creation

  • Do you need someone to create a logo for you? I’d be thankful for that opportunity. I have experience with Adobe programs and can help you.

My photography

  • Want to use my photos? Want me to photograph something for you? There’s not much I love more than photographing the world and my experiences – reach out!

Experienced Brand Ambassador

  • Need a brand ambassador? I’ve got experience. I’ve worked with a handful of companies on Instagram and Facebook including Wanderer Bracelets and more!


None of the above? That’s okay too. Contact me – I’m open-minded and ready to go.

Head over to my contact page and let’s begin working together. I’m just as excited as you are. Hear from you soon!