Advice for every 20-something year old that doesn’t want to just work and die.

You’re what – 18? 20? 23? It doesn’t matter.

The fact is that if you want to live – no matter what age you are at – you have time. You can. You will.

Half of us at this age aren’t quite sure what we want to do with our lives. You’ve changed your major 3 times this year, you’re still undecided after 4 years at a community college and you feel hopeless. That’s fine.

You’re normal. You’re not supposed to have your entire life planned at this age. This is the age where you’re supposed to be learning about yourself – learning where you want to head in life. Learning what path you should take – and when to take it.

Within our society, we are told “know what you want to do by 18”. We’re supposed to go to college for years and years, rack up this college debt as we try to get a degree in something we might like doing, then get a job that we may or may not be miserable at, and work our asses off trying to pay off that college debt and also have money to “survive”. I say survive for a reason, because that is exactly what is happening. Surviving. Not living.

As we get older, we cringe at the fact that we can’t save up some cash and fly to Scotland for three weeks because 1.) we have children 2.) our job won’t allow us 3.) extra cash to travel? Riiiiight.

Some people want this life – sure. Some people want to follow these “societal norms” and want to live under Dorothy Smith’s idea of a “Standard North American Family” (SNAF).

But I know that many of us don’t – but do anyways. Why? Because it’s what is normal? Because it is what is expected of us? Because we were taught this way?


Yeah – I said it. Go against the norm, live your damn life, and quit worrying about where you’re going to be in 35 years. Chill out.

Truly – the best education you can receive is within traveling. Within experience.

You learn a lot about yourself, the world around you, and how to act with experience. Surrounding yourself with different cultures and languages. Eating new foods. Going to museums in Europe. Hiking in South America. Volunteering with the elephants in Thailand. Whatever.

If you want to live – if you want to experience – please do it. While you’re young. Right now. Don’t waste your money at college if you don’t know what you want to do yet. It’s okay. Many employers are going to be more impressed with you traveling to different countries and having life experience rather than you getting a degree in a perfected 4 years with a 3.6 GPA.

We weren’t made to work, pay bills, and die. We just weren’t.

Live while you can. Live while you’re young. Find yourself. Find your passion. Find your calling. Whatever that may be.

Take a deep breath because everything is going to be okay.


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