When it comes to traveling: Stop wishing, start doing. 

Don’t retweet a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night with a caption that reads “I want to go here so bad”. Do it. 

Now listen, I know it seems crazy….but it isn’t impossible. If you want to travel – you need to take the first step to do so. 

And that first step is the step out of your comfort zone. And a step away from excuses.

“I don’t have money”. – Simple. Pick up more shifts at work. Learn how to budget. Don’t spend your money on wants – only needs. If you’re crafty – make stuff and sell it. Sell things you don’t need that are just wasting away at home. Save. Save. Save. 

“Nobody will go with me”. – Cool. Then go alone! Traveling alone is soooo good for you. You learn about yourself and gain a whole ton of confidence. You’re running on your OWN schedule – and that is the bomb diggity. 

“I don’t know how to plan.” – It’s not as difficult as you think. Planning trips can be quite easy if you’re not picky. Pick your city – find a way to get there and a place to stay. Getting around and seeing your “must haves” is easy…..just worry about the arrival and your sleeping grounds. Let the rest come to ya.

“Hotels are expensive in ____”. – But you know what ISN’T expensive? Hostels. Couchsurfing. And tentin’ it. You heard me right. They’re way better routes than silly hotels, anyways. 😉

“_____ is dangerous.” So is the city you’re in right now. Everywhere in the world is pretty much dangerous, hate to break it to you. But you can’t let silly stories and scary movies push you away from traveling. The movie “Hostel” isn’t what all the hostels are like – it scares people away and it’s dumb. The movie “Taken” is definitely possible – just don’t be stupid and do what they did. If you’re smart and aware of your surroundings you’ll be fffiiiiinnnneeeee.

There’s so many excuses and reasons that everyone can come up with when it comes to booking that first trip. But come on, people. Instead of seeing photos of some incredible place over 1,000 times on Instagram…go see it in person! Traveling is a life-altering experience. It changes you forever if you do it right.

Stop wishing, start doing.

It’s a new year. Make it a good one.

Don’t let your dreams and goals just be dreams and goals. Rather, work towards them.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Happy Late New Year – and travel on! 👍🏼


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