The Windy City of Chicago

I’m on a roadtrip across America and my first stop is Chicago, Illinois. Known as “The Windy City”. 

I think it might be obvious that I have a thing for mountains and nature itself – but there’s a piece of me that thouroughly enjoys the rush and energy of a big city, as well.

I’m not here for long, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. I arrived, unpacked my bags at my couchsurfing host’s home, and was taught how to request a taxi ride. First thing you need to know while being in Chicago, of course. 

I took a ride to Millenium Park, grabbed a White Chocolate Mocha, and walked the streets of the busy city. Stopping in shops along the way.

I spent the evening eating pizza (typical) from a place called Roots with my couchsurfing host Rob, and another couchsurfer from Turkey. She shared with us a traditional alcoholic drink from Turkey called “Rakı”. It tasted like black licorice, you have to mix it with water though……it’s not called the “Lions Milk” for nothing. Phew.


 As I type this, I’m sitting at a place called The Breakfast Club before I have to head out for my next state. Chicago is beautiful, it was nice to get some big city life in before I head out to the deserts and mountains. 
I had an amazing couchsurfing host, Rob, who was easy to converse with. Not to mention he had KILLER art work around his home that he shared with me.


Off to Nebraska.  

 Sitting on the outskirts of “the bean”.

Xoxoxo, Kim Charters • AS KIM TRAVELS •

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